Is it difficult to adapt and to stop sending internal emails?

It is now May in 2020 and spring has come to the Nordic countries. Most of us still work from home. For some it works great and some feel it more cumbersome. For me, it’s more or less Business as usual and the only thing I miss sometimes is meeting my clients and colleagues in real life. Technology is our friend these days, but it is important, of course, to dare to use it and to use it properly.

Just over a year ago I wrote the article “Why do you continue to send (and reply to) email?”

When I wrote the article, I had, for a short time, made a complete conversion and more or less stopped sending internal emails. In the past year, the number of e-mails sent has been a minimum and then limited to responding to e-mails that I have received. Usually when I receive an internal email, I don’t even reply via email, but I continue the conversation in Microsoft Teams instead. Do I miss the internal email? The answer is a resounding NO. I now exclusively use Microsoft Teams and Yammer for collaboration with my colleagues and it flows on incredibly well.

An empty inbox is a good inbox 🙂


Continuous adaptation. How hard can it be?

“Those who have their foot on the brake pedal and do not adapt to the present and the future will fall behind”

How is the situation in your organization? Are there still many people who always (or almost always) send an email to all employees when they have something they want to share?

The doctor’s prescription

Photo by Dimitri Houtteman on Unsplash

You can, yourself, become a more or less informal ambassador, which contributes to change and improves collaboration in your organization.
Start by adjusting yourself first. Then you can give good advice and tips to those colleagues who need help along the way.

Below are some links that can be useful when you and your organization need to make the transition from internal email to smart and effective modern communication.

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