Updates that are now being rolled out in Microsoft 365

In addition to the Microsoft 365 Message Center (which is only available to those who are administrators of Microsoft 365), the Microsoft 365 Roadmap is the public primary source of information when you want to get an overview of the updates and features that are under development or rolling out in Microsoft 365 .


To avoid scrolling through the entire list (because it’s a long-running list), in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, you can select the services you are interested in and filter by the status that is relevant.

1 Roadmapelements

If you save the filtered views that are of most interest to you, you do not have to select and filter each time. The picture below shows how to do this in a very simple way.

2 CopyURL

Once you have copied the link you can add it as a shortcut to your browser or you can do as I do and put it on a web page or as a tab in Microsoft Teams so you can easily access it. On my blog I have posted some links that I often use to quickly update myself on the latest news (See image below).


If you do not have the energy to do this yourself but still want to get a quick overview then you are of course welcome to visit my blog when you need to quickly get an overview of these news and then you can also read my latest blog posts which are often about just the updates that is under development or in roll-out in Microsoft 365.

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