Some basic steps to protect your organization’s devices, users and information

An important part of Governance is to have good documentation that shows how you protect your devices, users and information. But before you can document this in your governance plans, you must of course have made some assessments and implemented necessary measures. Below are links to some tips on areas / actions that you should assess and absolutely have control over (and implement) before you can feel confident that you have done what you can to be safe.



Endpoint Protection

Identity protection

Information Protection


Before you can document anything, you have to know what to document. Now you’ve got some homework to think about before proceeding with producing your governance plans.

More detailed information on how to implement Governance in your organization can be found on the Microsoft Tech Community in the Microsoft Teams forum in the post “An optimal Guide to configure a basic Governance Team for Office 365“.

Stay safe out there!

Image by methodshop on Pixabay




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