Don’t let your cloud-based platform be “The Ugly Duckling”.

How do you think about buying a new or upgrading your house?

Should you build new or should you buy a used one? Whichever option you choose, the most important thing is that the new house meets the needs and requirements you have. It should be reasonably maintenance free. The roof must be tight. You want a modern kitchen and a laundry room where you know that the appliances are working. The home electronics and automation you want is something you carefully select before you mount it.

You want everything to work and it should be safe. After all, it’s your home it’s all about…

How do you think when new updates are available for your computer?

Are you one of those who would like to know what the updates mean or do you just choose to install and hope for the best? Often you have no alternative here. The updates will be installed whether you want to or not and usually contain the important security updates that are important that you get in place as soon as possible. You want everything to work and it should be safe.

After all, it’s your computer that it’s all about…

How do you think when new updates come to your cell phone?

You probably install them and enjoy new functionality and any bug fixes. This is usually relatively painless. You want it to work well and that it should be safe.

After all, it’s your cell phone that it’s all about…

How do you think about updates and new services in Office 365?

Do you spend some time evaluating and planning implementation and training or do you just let the news and updates be available to all users right away? How smart is it to let hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of users access a whole new toolbox without first informing them and giving them the training they need? How smart is it to not plan in advance for any security risks and ensure that the tools are compliant with the company’s policies?

There are no such thing as an ugly duckling. (it is only used as a metaphor from the old tale) 🙂

Office 365 launches updates and news frequently and the frequency only increases. To be sure of achieving the positive effects the organization deserves and desires, it is necessary to have control over the updates and to have a plan for how and when to implement them. The least and most important thing to do is to ensure that you have control over what is coming and that you have a process for evaluating, planning and introducing the news. Without this, you will sooner or later fail. It does not matter if your company uses a new platform to carry out the daily work if it is not used – and is properly secured. Implementing and working in an old fashioned way on a modern platform is like putting lipstick on an ugly duckling. An ugly duckling with lipstick is still an ugly duckling.

Introduce good Office 365 Governance now and make sure that you utilize your platform in a safe and optimal way!

Don’t let your platform be an ugly duckling, ensure you let it develop to become the beautiful swan it actually is. You want your cloud-based platform to work well, bring value and that it should be safe to use.

After all, it is your company’s platform that it is all about…


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