Do you find it difficult to have an overview of the Teams and channels that are relevant to you?

Are you a member of many teams? Do you feel you are losing the overview. Do you just want to see what is most relevant to you right now? Then I have the following tips for you. Mark the teams that are relevant to what you work with (today and / or the coming days) as a Favorite. When you finish the tasks related to them, remove them from favorites. By doing this you always have an updated list of the dialogues and information that is most relevant to you right now.

The same applies to channels. If a team you are a member of may contain a larger number of channels whose content and conversations are not relevant to you and the tasks you will perform, then you may choose not to have those channels as favorites. By doing this, only the most relevant channels are shown to you.

You can always find- and “re-favorite” both the Teams and Channels


This is now getting even more easier and pedagogic. On the blog “Tom Talks” – Tom Arbuthnot has written the article “Microsoft Teams change: Favorite becomes Show, Remove Favorite becomes Hide, Follow and Unfollow becomes Notifications” that describes what we can expect in a near future.

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