A seemingly never-ending flood of news from Microsoft Ignite is spreading fast

(Photo by Matt Power on Unsplash)

Do you have trouble keeping your nose above the surface of the stream of updates that are now spreading across websites and social platforms? Perhaps you try to keep up with the news/updates that is being launched on Ignite but feel that you have trouble filtering everything?

Unfortunately, I myself could not attend Ignite this year, but we who are out of place, thankfully, have the web to help. I really enjoy reading the information about all the updates and I still have my nose above the surface but I swim and splash my legs like crazy right now.

Photo by takahiro taguchi on Unsplash

If you feel the same You can follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn and view my posts on the updates that I personally consider most relevant to you who are interested in Microsoft Teams and the other collaboration services in Office 365.

If you want to keep up with and learn absolutely everything (good luck with that) then I recommend that you follow the hashtag #MSIgnite and the account @MS_Ignite on Twitter (I do that myself and it is very interesting and time-consuming I can promise).

On the website “Microsoft Ignite” you can also follow the various sessions as they are posted. This is to be considered better than Christmas Eve for us who are more than average interested in keeping us updated on all news.

My personal favorite updates from Microsoft Ignite

And if You are interested in any of the following topics about Microsoft Teams

  • Private Channels
  • Multiwindow
  • New messaging extensions (polls and Surveys)
  • Pinned Channels
  • New integration between Outlook and Teams
  • Tasks in Teams
  • Yammer app for Teams
  • Microsoft Whiteboard
  • Live Captions
  • Presenter and attendee controls
  • New devices
  • New functionality for Firstline workers
  • Advisor for Teams
  • Microsoft Teams in Office 365 Business & Office 365 ProPlus semi-annual channel
  • New app catalog
  • Policy packages
  • Policy assignment to security groups in PowerShell
  • Microsoft Team Rooms in the Teams Admin Portal
  • Safe Links in Microsoft Teams
  • Power Apps creators can now publish their apps as Teams apps
  • Pinning an app created with Power Apps to Teams
  • Teams-centric actions & triggers with Power Automate
  • Power BI interactive cards in Teams

I recommend that you read “What’s New in Microsoft Teams | Ignite 2019

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