Time to wake up and use SharePoint for your organization’s intranet.

Stuck with a third-party intranet? Not interested in anything else, or perhaps just unaware of what your toolbox has to offer?

(Stuck?) Image from Ryan McGuire on Pixabay

There are companies that use Office 365 but still have their intranet based on another product. If you use Office 365 I can’t actually see any sustainable argument against having your intranet based on SharePoint. You have (and pay for) a toolbox where the tools integrate very well with each other, why not use it fully?

Tools integrating with each other (Image from ar130405 on Pixabay)


With the user experience that “Modern SharePoint” (with Communication Sites and Hub Sites) adds and its uniform navigation and search experience you have everything you could wish for. In addition, continuous improvements and new features are being launched. It’s time to get rid of the third-party tools (which often require consulting assistance and customizations when launching new versions) and realize the investment you made in Office 365.

Create success by utilizing your available tools in the right and consistent manner (Image from ar130405 on Pixabay)


I recommend that you read the following articles to get more detailed information about the possibilities of “Communication Sites”, “Hub sites” and “Home sites” in SharePoint.


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