Has a channel been deleted from your Team? Don’t worry, this is how you easily recreate it!

Sometimes it goes a little too fast in the turns and some quick-fingered person does something he regrets. In such situations, it is nice to be able to restore the order so that everything becomes peace and joy again. With regard to Channels in Microsoft Teams, it is, thankfully, almost as easy to recreate the deleted Channels as it was to delete them.

Do not worry. We’ll fix this!

This is how it works!

In the channel we have both files and conversations

1 Before Deletion Files
Files and Folders in the Channel
2 Before Deletion Conversations
Conversations in the Channel


To delete a channel, just click on the three dots and select “Delete this channel”.

3 Delete the Channel
How to delete a channel


Before the channel is deleted you will be met by a question where you have to confirm that you really want to delete. It also shows information about where to find the files in SharePoint (the files will not be physically deleted even though the channel is deleted).
When you now select “Delete”, the channel is deleted from the team and you will no longer see the conversations or files you had in the channel.

4 Confirm Deletion
Here you confirm the deletion or cancel. After all, it’s not that easy to delete a channel “by mistake”. (If anyone, supposedly, should claim it was made by mistake 🙂 )


businessman-3036181_1920OK, the “accident” has been up and the channel has been deleted. Suddenly the panic spreads, you get messages, emails and phone calls from troubled team members telling you that lots of information has disappeared from the team and they need this information NOW.



What are you doing now? Well, you can lean back in your comfortable office chair and tell them they can be completely calm and that you solve it immediately. Then You…





Click on the three dots to the right of the team name and select “Manage team”.

5 Manage Team


Click on the tab “Channels” in the overview and then click on the header/category “Deleted”. Have you seen? There is actually the deleted channel that everyone thought was gone. To the right of it is an icon and the text “Restore”. Now click on “Restore”.

6 Restore The Channel
Restore the deleted channel

You will be asked to confirm the action. Here you click on the button “Restore”.

7 Confirm Restore
Confirm restore

Faster than the speed of light (a little exaggerated perhaps but very fast in any case), you have now recreated the deleted channel and it is fully visible (and useful) in the team again.

8 Files are Back
All the files and folders are back
9 Conversations are Back
and the conversations are back

You can now inform your colleagues that everything is resolved. The immediate reaction should be very positive


Sometimes it is not so much needed to get happy colleagues and create value for your organization. Hopefully it will make you a hero for a day sometime in the future.




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