How to improve your Governance solution by automating the monitoring of Microsoft 365 Roadmap

Many of you may have read some of my posts on “How to use Microsoft Teams to simplify O365 Governance” and the simple concept I have developed to make everyday life easier for those who have some form of service responsibilities in governance for Office 365.

Nothing is complete (all concepts have improvement potential) and when I read the post “Posting Microsoft 365 Roadmap Items to Teams” by Tony Redmond, I immediately saw how the governance concept I developed can be easily improved by automating the monitoring of Microsoft 365 Roadmap (and others important sources of information).

So far, in my solution, I have handled this by simply inserting a “Roadmap Tab” (with a filtered url) into each channel. In this way, the person in charge of a service could easily click on this tab to see what is under development and what is in progress.
By automating this in the way the article describes, we reduce the need to actively go in and look at the information in the Roadmap Tab, instead the updates are sent to the correct channel so that the person responsible for the service (who hopefully has set up notification on the channel ) receive information directly in the channel.

He / she can then post the most relevant updates to the change plan (The Planner of the Governance Team) used by the Change Board so that it is updated as they go through all the registered updates that must be handled during the change meetings.

Thanks for the inspiration, Einar Asting (my former colleague), Ståle Hansen and Tony Redmond. Now I’ve got some very interesting tasks to put in my “To Do”.

Links to the relevant posts:




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