How to view messages from Microsoft 365 Message Center in a Channel in Microsoft Teams

There are many sources of information and many variants on how best to “Stay on top of Office 365 Changes“. In previous articles on Office 365 Governance, I have described how you can use Microsoft Teams to make this update monitoring easier by gathering all information sources in one place.


Most often I set up filtered roadmaps and display them in tabs and you can also use RSS to retrieve information from many sources.

If you are not a Global Administrator but still want / need to see information from the Microsoft 365 Message Center, someone who is a Global Administrator can configure the Microsoft 365 Message Center to send the information from there to a channel in a Microsoft Team. Here’s how to easily set up this (By asking a colleague who is a “Global Administrator” to do the following:).

  1. Open the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and navigate to the “Message Center”.
  2. Click on “Edit Message center preferences”1 EditMSGCenterPrefs
  3. Open the Team in order to view the email address of the channel that You want to forward the messages to. Copy the email address of the Channel.2 Get emailadress1 EditMSGCenterPrefs
  4. Return to the Message Center and select the services you want to get information about.
    3 SelectServices
  5. Choose from the following
    1. Send a weekly email digest of my messages
    2. Send me emails for major updates
    3. Send me emails for data privacy messages
  6. Paste the channel email address (the one you copied from the team).
  7. Click Save

4 ChooseAndEnterEmailAddress

The next time there is a new message in “Message Center”, that meets the criteria you have set, it will be sent to the channel so that even people who do not have access to “Message Center” can access this parent information. (NOTE: If a “Common User” clicks on links in the message, he / she will not be able to open Message Center to read the details of the update).



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