Do not miss the Oktoberfest: Teams Virtual Summit 16/10/2019

One of this year’s highlights

Join us on Wednesday 16th October! Oktoberfest is a free virtual summit dedicated to Microsoft Teams and organised by the European Teams User Group. There will be lots of interesting sessions and many good speakers from the Microsoft Tech Community. We will meet Randy Chapman, Alexander Holmeset, Adam Deltinger, Chris Hoard, Alexander Eggers, Kevin McDonnell, Vesa Nopanen, Chirag Patel, Michael Plettner, Amanda Sterner, Lee Ford and Mårten Hellebro. (full overview and speaker list can be found here)

Personally I am very grateful to have been given the opportunity to hold a session on my favorite topic “Office 365 Governance”. Governance may not be known for being the most exciting topic, but I hope that during this session I will be able to show how to handle this in a smooth way that makes governance more fun and tangible.

At 12:00 – 12:30 BST you are welcome to view my session “How to use Microsoft Teams to simplify Office 365 Governance”. You find the Room URL and detailed schedule here:

I hope you enjoy spending the day with us and coming to our sessions! Please help to spread the word about Oktoberfest and direct to this page!


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