Here’s how to share ownership of a Microsoft Form with others

Microsoft Forms is a great tool to quickly create new forms for surveys and collection of feedback.
It is logically designed and user-friendly and anyone in your organization can in a short time create a fully usable form that can then be shared both internally and externally.


How does it work with the ownership of a form

If you have created a useful form then it is you who owns it and no one else can make changes to it or reuse it. Maybe your colleagues benefit greatly from your form and wish to further develop it.

Enable your colleagues to further develop / reuse what you have already created

What happens if you will soon quit your employment or get away from your work for a long time? Right, nothing! Your colleagues will have to create their own forms and it is a waste of time if you have already done most of their jobs.

Sharing is Caring and here you see what you can and should do.


If you want to share ownership with others

In order to avoid your Form only being “left alone” without creating any benefit, you can transfer ownership of your form to a group.


If the owner of a form has already left the organization

If the owner of a form has already left the organization, an administrator can transfer ownership to a group so that it becomes available to the members of the group.

You can read the details on how to do this in the article Transfer ownership of your form.

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