Do not underestimate the power of well-planned and well-performed user adoption

I have been working with Office 365 since it was launched and since then I have been involved in several projects that involve the implementation of Office 365.
Some have gone very well, some quite OK and some have gone less well.
There is a common denominator for those who have gone very well and it is well-planned (and well-performed) user adoption.

“well-planned (and well-performed) user adoption.”

It has now almost become a cliche that it is the business that should be in focus during planning and implementation, but it cannot be emphasized enough times how important it is that user adoption must be in focus already from the start.
business-2584713_1920In the end, it is the satisfied user who creates the good results. It’s their voices we hear in the corridors and at the coffee machine. It is they who, with commitment and with the right tools, will produce results. It is their feedback and their achieved results that are the yardsticks of whether we succeeded or not.

The organizations that do not realize this and act accordingly will not succeed in implementing successful projects that give the desired effect. They will (more or less fail).loser-3096225_1920.jpg


Do You want to learn more about user adoption? Luise Freese has written a great post with the topic “Achieving Sustainable Adoption of Microsoft 365” and i recommend that you read it.

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