Benefits from- and necessary preparations for “Shifts” in Microsoft Teams

What “Shifts” you may be thinking?

With great probability you already have access to Shifts. But as with everything else, you may need to consider whether this should already be available to all users. You may need time to see the benefits of it and of course plan how you might roll out this functionality to your organization.


The Shifts app in Microsoft Teams keeps Firstline Workers connected and in sync. It’s used for enabling time management and communication for teams. Shifts lets Firstline Workers and their managers use their mobile devices to manage schedules and keep in touch.


A great advantage of being “In the cloud” is that news and updates are launched continuously. One consequence of this may be that if you do not keep up with roadmaps and thus know when functionality is rolled out, then there will be days when all your users suddenly have access to new and fun functionality that they gladly use (without the organization having time to establishing governance).

Stay constantly updated and don’t forget to plan and prepare!

In the article “Manage the Shift app for your organization in Microsoft Teams” you can read more about how it works and how you can deactivate and / or activate Shifts.

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