12 quick answers to common questions i often get regarding Microsoft Teams

As a consultant, I often get the great pleasure of visiting many different companies that need help with Microsoft Teams. Sometimes they need help to get started and get some advises on how to implement Microsoft Teams into use and sometimes they have already used Microsoft Teams for a while and now they need answers to questions that have arisen over the time they have used it.

The questions are many, sometimes they are about the fundamentals of user adoption and sometimes the questions are of much more technical nature.

Maybe you also have some questions about Microsoft Teams?

Below I have collected a selection of 12 questions that often come back. Each question is linked to an answer.

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A former colleague is no longer working with us and this has led to a number of orphaned teams. How do we add new owners to these teams?



Where can i find an overview of the differences in access rights between team members and team owners



What is the difference between Guest access and external access?



It is difficult to distinguish our guests in our teams because display name often does not say much about who it is. How can we add a profile picture and change the display name?



Do guests have access to the same functions as team members or are there any restrictions?



We will have a large number of guest users in many of our teams. In order to have good control over who can access our systems, we want to run an access review at regular intervals. Is this possible?



We do not want all users to be able to add all possible apps and connectors. How can we limit this to only those we want to be available?



What are Best Practices to structure the content?



Is there any way to see who has done what and when? Eg. if someone has deleted a team or added a new member



How can Microsoft Teams reduce the use of email?



Where and when should we chat and why should we do it? We already have email.



There are incredibly many news and updates that are being launched all the time. We are not as many people working in the IT department. How should we, with a few people, be able to keep up-to-date and be able to implement these updates in a qualitative manner while maintaining good control of everything?


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