Write history by letting the fall of 2018 be the moment you took control!

Does your organization use Office 365? How do you manage to keep up with all changes and news released? How do you handle and exploit all the possibilities of a platform in constant and accelerating change?

The Technological Development

I guess you are familiar with the old good “Moore’s law” that says the number of transistors on a piece doubles every 18 (24) months. The current accelerating, almost exponential, development of Office 365 often makes me think of – and compare with the meaning of Moore’s law. How many people in your organization have a responsibility to monitor all changes and news and how effective is your change management process that will ensure that proper functionality is implemented and adopted correctly?

The organization’s ability to keep up with the development

When we are in the process of talking about laws, you may be familiar with “Koomey’s Law” which states that the energy requirement required for a given amount of data processing is halved every 18 months? If we say that the energy requirement is the number of people in your organization who will manage to handle this development, you quickly understand that this is not something that can be done without help from good tools and best practices.

Enough with metaphors and similarities:

Necessary measures

I’m convinced that the prerequisite for giving you a chance to follow (and/or) be in the front of this development is that you establish good/best practices and automate as much as possible of the Office 365 management. This is where Office 365 Governance comes in to the picture.


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Control by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Alpha Stock Images – http://alphastockimages.com/

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