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Keep up with the latest news within Office 365

Do you find it hard to keep up to date on all the news that is continuously launched in Office 365? Of course you are already following the “Office 365 Roadmap” but in addition to that, I recommend “New in Office 365” which is a good and educational source of information when you want to get to the most basic and relevant news in Office 365.

Here are the Office 365 update for June 2018. If You have not seen it yet, you should do it now. This time it is a great sum up of Training Services, Outlook, OneDrive and SharePoint, Windows Title Bar and Security (focused on GDPR this time).


What about Governance

Can an organization ensure continuous, profitable and sustainable development without clear and well-functioning IT Governance for associated services?
Today we have access to a giant toolbox with a wide variety of newest and coolest solutions. At this time of digitization and continuous development, at an ever increasing rate, it is easy to be dazzled by the excellence of technology.

When we make this technology/services available for the organization’s users, it becomes easy for them to learn and embrace the technology. This in turn leads to a rapid growth of information and the way it is used, handled and shared varies. This quickly leads to losing the overview and basic control of the services for which You are responsible.

One thing that everyone talks about, but few know, is IT Governance. My experience is that there are many definitions of what this is and how it should be handled. Have You got a plan for how to handle this for your organization’s different services? That is a minimum to establish good basic IT Governance.